This winery is unique.
The load dare not take DOC and DOCG gradings, but believes in his own method and sticks to it. His persistence was finally recognized in Poggio alle Vipere and was adopted as the wine for dinner at the Academy Awards in 2009.
Please kindly note that Vipere in unsatisfactory years to him will not be shipped.
Vipere is a special wine to us. It taught us what a truly delicious wine was like.
We would like to introduce Poggio alle Vipere to you with confidence.




Region Suvereto, Toscana
Classification IGT Toscana
Vintage 2015
Type Red
Variety Sangiovese 85%, Colorino & Ciliegiolo 15%
Alcohol 14%
Quantity 750ml

You can feel spicy aroma in dark cherries and plums.
Deep fruity flavour. When paired with game, the flavours of the wine and the dish are enhanced each other.
Please try to taste with the whole tongue.


Sasso Bucato

Region Suvereto, Toscana
Classification IGT Toscana
Vintage 2016
Type Red
Variety Merlot 40%, Cabernet Sauvignon 40%, Cabernet franc & Petit Verdot 20%
Alcohol 14.5%
Quantity 750ml

The blend of the grape varieties is interesting.
Sweet, elegant aroma like figs and strawberry jam.
Soft feeling in the mouth and bold flavour.
Serve with grilled pork having tasty fat or beef tenderloin steak.


Poggio Alle Vipere

Region Suvereto, Toscana
Classification IGT Toscana
Vintage 2015
Type Red
Variety Merlot 100%
Alcohol 15%
Quantity 750ml

It is a masterpiece served at dinner in the Academy Awards.
The deep-spreading aroma makes you feel its long aging.
Velvety softness and an particularly mellow feeling in the mouth.
Fine tannins of Merlot deepen over time.
Please drink slowly and enjoy the change in flavours.
Please open the bottle at least 1 hour before drinking and drink about 20℃.
● Aging ●
Undergone 24 months of aging in French oak barrels and 18 months in bottles.