We, FONTIETTA, are a wine importer, who has been working for trading for a long time and enjoyed living abroad,
and then acquired a sommelier qualification and import and sell wines in Japan.
Our partner, who is active as a sommelier in Italy, is my friend from each other’s parents’ generations.
We taste wines until satisfied and carefully select together.

The wines selected in this way are the ones from small family-run wineries, the ones
to aim to be sustainable in the wine making, the ones full of the Lord’s persistence and
also the ones that have never been imported to Japan.

In Italy, each region has its own wines, where there are local cuisine and the villagers surround them.
I am very attracted to the Italian wines that have been nurtured like this, and
if I could convey their charm to you, it would be the best.

Transportation and storage

We constantly carry out temperature-controlled transportation from the Italian wineries to our cellar.
When stored in our cellar, we take great care to keep the light blocked and constantly monitor
the temperature and humidity to ensure optimal conditions.